Investment Opportunity
and Financial Highlights

Leopards Angel Productions is raising capital in order to fund the direct-to-DVD home-video series "Dream Big Videos." Leopards Angel Productions proposes to secure all its moneys from venture capitalists and private investors. Using a conservative, selective revenue projection, and an assumption of general industry distribution agreements, the Company projects gross revenue $4-10 million-dollar range for "Dream Big Videos." Budgeting $2 Million for production and marketing and packaging. These revenues could be much higher as this is a global product and will be marketed as such. Branding this Series could result in continued spin-offs and in-depth approach to learning. These figures are based of the annual reports of companies like Disney and others. The gross revenues of Disney just for consumer goods were 2.2 Billion. The revenues for Child development branding was a small part of that but significant. The Baby Einstein Branding has turned a fun enchanting puppet show into millions of dollars of profits for them. Imagine a DVD that teaches and entertains both the parent and the child and the learning's cross global and cultural markets. By just getting a small percent of the market these numbers could be met and the some. This becomes global project and this means global marketing. Profits from building quality education that gives our children that only private school preschoolers get is what people pay $50,000 to $100,000 a year to have a curriculum of such positive reinforcement that literally gives a child a sense of purpose and unleashes there dreams with the passion all of us continue to try to regain what we lost as we were told no and don’t do that instead of that's great and what else can you do. Show me what your ideas are.

Dream Big Videos by utilizing the endorsement from attached celebrities who have achieved unprecedented achievements such as Janet Evans who broke several world records in swimming in three Olympics, 4 Gold Medals, I silver Medal 45 National NCAA Titles even though she was much smaller and told she could not beat the competition because of there superior size and conditioning. Janet did this by true undaunted belief and positive thinking and dedication. It was a result of positive role models and true dedication to Dreaming Big and never missing a workout. We also will present Marcia Wieder from Dream Big University “Dubbed the Dream Coach of the world by Oprah” will be one of our communicators on the series. Laura Falchi from Columbia Teachers college who has led the field in Early Child Development and researches on the cutting edge of this field attached herself to the project along with other educators to create a life changing learning program for both the child and the child in us all.

This is an 8 part HD Video Series that brings child development to a new level. This high concept Dream Big approach is the cutting edge teachings of the new left brain future that will lead us into untapped learning capabilities and imagination to do just that. The mass market of executives pay in the billions of dollars to learn how to dream as a child and deprogram no and you can't do that from there brains and just think back to the times when there was no right color for a rose or a shape could be anything. This is what every seminar preaches at the top producers meetings and all about what you need to get back the big dreams and goals. We have an “I can do anything approach video series” full of examples of children learning at an outstanding rate by just letting themselves dream Big. We all should just Dream Big and love what we do and not say no as a response, but set goals and reach for the stars instead of for what we are told to reach for. Janet Evans a new mother and Keynote Speaker in positive thinking will talk from the heart about the impressions of the child in the first years. While Laura Falchi will help us understand the tenderness of positive reinforcement. Marcia Wieder from Dream Big University will communicate to the parents the does and doesn’t that we all get caught up in , in our sometimes frustrating lives. Our team will help you help yourself with step by step positive reinforcement and creative learning techniques that are a must learn for the new Left Brain society of the future.

This series will be teaching blocks for schools around the world and the cutting edge buzz will

Generate talk show appearances and public broadcasting specials.

The Market

Making videos for the DVD market has been proven a smart and fail-safe choice for production. The child development video has been one of the steadiest and most profitable instructional video types and has turned out the most reliable and established consumer base in recent years. It presents to a reoccurring audience that is constantly renewed—new parents of new children.

Distribution Strategy

The direct-to-DVD market is highly-competitive, with its success resting on the effectiveness of its distributor's marketing strategy. As an independent producer, Leopards Angel Productions intends to negotiate with a major distributor; probably independent in nature. To maximize the Company's bargaining power, the distribution negotiation will begin either immediately prior to--or shortly after the completion of--principal photography. This will dramatically increase the potential profit.